1) Love your work, do you take comissions?
Only when I have to. I prefer to work on whatever is in my little brain.

2) Does the "shipping fee" include insurance on the shipment? No, unfortunately insurance is a separate fee. Please email if you would like your item insured when shipping. 

3) I really like a piece that has already sold....can you recreate one for me? Sorry, each piece is original and the next piece will never be "exactly" like the previous one. However, please reach out if you are interested in a similar piece...I might have something already in-stock or in-process.

4) How long does it take for my item to be shipped once I place my order? Due to the present pandemic, my shipping time varies.  I'll try to get things shipped as soon as possible but expect 1-2 weeks maybe longer if shipping delays are happening. If you have a "rush order" for a special gift or occasion, please reach out and I would love to do my best to get the item to you ASAP.

5) I am local and in the Waco area. Can we arrange local pick-up?
Yes, FREE contactless pick-up is always availabe!  Use promo: LOCALPICKUP at check out.

6) I noticed some imperfections in some of the images posted on-line?
Each peice of John Storms Art may contain imperfections that are considered an intricate part of the piece.